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Spouses who have acquired or started their own business entity during a marriage are faced with a difficult task. They must come to some sort of agreement as the the value and the division of the entity and its assets — or make some sort of contractual and equitable agreement to equally compensate the other spouse. In many cases, both spouses had differing roles in building and operating the business which must be sorted out and negotiated for a proper and legal division of a marital business. It is often necessary to have both a valuation expert and real estate expert assist in the valuation and division of a business entity acquired during a marriage.

Divorce Attorney — Real Estate Attorney — Realtor®

Orange County is home to countless successful businesses, and back in 1987 when Edwin Fahlen opened the doors of his family law practice, he immediately understood that becoming an expert in Real Estate law would be incredibly valuable to his clients, saving them the need to hire a second attorney which would result additional legal fee savings. Ed Fahlen, is (1) a skilled divorce attorney, (2) an experienced Real Estate attorney, (3) a licensed California Real Estate Broker, and (4) an active Realtor® — all in a one-stop, affordable, single-fee attorney.

Edwin Fahlen is also a Real Estate Attorney

For businesses that own property or lease property – Ed Fahlen is ready to dive in and sort out valuations, equities, costs, and debts of those properties and leaseholds.

Determining Business Valuation

Many divorcing couples must determine what will happen to the business entities owned by one or both spouses. It can me messy, but need not be with the right guidance. Ed has a quarter century’s experience of negotiating settlements – many that were very creative so that each party to the divorce got what they wanted (but coming into the process were both sure they were going to get shafted). A little thinking outside the box of typical divorce settlements and common and equitable ground can be found blessing both spouses as they go their separate ways.

One Spouse wants the Business – One wants Cashed-Out…

Have hope… There are infinite possible solutions!
Whether you have poured your own sweat and effort into building a successful business or you supported your spouse in his or her endeavor, Edwin Fahlen can help. Ed will work with you to determine the true value of the business; determine each spouse’s contributions to its success, and help you reach a fair and equitable resolution when dividing the business assets in your divorce case keeping your desires and goals clearly in focus. Ed learned years ago to be transparent and accessible. If you call Ed, you will reach Ed. Call Edwin Fahlen at (714) 395-5669 24/7. If it is a court day, Ed will return calls the minute he exits the courthouse.

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Orange County Divorce Attorney Edwin FahlenI encourage you to reach out to make that free introductory meeting with me by calling (714) 395-5669. There is absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Typically, people will want to sit down with a divorce attorney to discuss their current circumstance and to learn of their options. I am pleased to offer this complementary legal service to residents of Orange County and beyond.

If it is late at night or inconvenient to call me, please email me using my CONTACT US form on the left side of the screen. This form comes directly to my desk. I will contact you the minute I see it.

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