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separated yet connectedA divorce, or “dissolution of marriage” is not the only means to end a marriage in California. There are legitimate reasons why couples decide to seek a legal separation as an alternative to a traditional dissolution. The bottom line for those considering a Legal Separation is that it keeps the spouses married in name only.

Why Do Some Couples Choose to be Married in ‘NAME ONLY?’

Couples might belong to a religious denomination that disapproves of divorce. Other couples, facing health issues, may want to keep their spouse included on a terrific health insurance plan. Still others might decide that the tax benefits of remaining married “in name only” is financially advantageous. Orange County legal separation attorney, Edwin Fahlen, offers his family law clients throughout Orange County, knowledgeable and experienced counsel with all aspects of legal separation.

religious reasons

Legal Separation: Just as Involved as a Traditional Dissolution

While a legal separation is an alternative to a traditional dissolution of marriage, it is just as involved as a ‘traditional divorce’. It is similar in that it is an adversarial proceeding before the court. A legal separation requires judicially-approved property division and documented/approved resolution of issues such as spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation. Because of this, it is important to secure skilled legal counsel to ensure that your legal rights are properly addressed. Orange County legal separation attorney, Ed Fahlen, works with his clients to obtain the fair and equitable outcome through negotiation and settlement, or litigation if necessary.

What to Expect When Your Legal Separation is Completed?

When your final judgment of legal separation is entered by the court, there are no more marital rights and duties. You are essentially “divorced,” but for the specific purposes you chose this alternate route, you remain “married” in name only. When your Legal Separation is “finaled,” the community property will have been divided, and like a traditional divorce, there is no possibility of creating any future community property nor community joint debt. Furthermore, unless agreed to by the parties during the proceedings or ordered by the court at these legal separation proceedings, there is generally no obligation for spousal support. Legally separated spouses cannot legally remarry as it would be bigamous — just as it would be for any married couple. That said, the benefits of married in-name-only are valid in the eyes of the law for religious, financial, tax-reporting, and/or spousal-benefits reasons that precipitated the path to choosing a Legal Separation.

No Residency, No Waiting Period, Easy Conversion to Full Dissolution

Unlike a traditional ‘dissolution of a marriage,’ there is no residency requirement to file, and no waiting period for obtaining a final judgment. Should you decide –at a future time following your Legal Separation final judgment– to dissolve your marriage completely, Ed Fahlen can provide you the advice and counsel you need to understand those procedures and then file the appropriate documents with the court to modify your legal separation.

Experienced & Diligent Legal Separation Assistance

Edwin Fahlen will handle your legal separation case with the utmost diligence. Ed will ensure that your legal separation is properly prepared and presented to the court; will work with you to carefully valuate your community assets for the property division, and help you negotiate and come to agreement on spousal support (if appropriate), child support and child custody issues.

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