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mother daughterSince 1987, Attorney Edwin Fahlen has been assisting Orange County area clients with their Family Law needs. Family law covers a wide range of issues from prenuptial agreements to divorce. What make for a good family law attorney, is caring and compassionate counsel. We are here to help you through those every day legal issues such a post judgement modification to those that are more difficult and painful.


Divorce — ‘Dissolution of Marriage’ — is rarely a pleasant experience. The best divorce and family law advice is given by an attorney who has the courage to give you the bottom-line, straightforward truth about what you can expect from the court and judges for your unique circumstances.


An annulment is like using a pencil eraser. You choose to erase that which was an error or mistake. In some cases, an annulment can be obtained that will nullify your marriage as if the marriage never happened.

Legal Separation

Why do some couple choose a ‘Legal Separation’ instead of a Dissolution of Marriage? Couples might belong to a religious denomination that disapproves of divorce. Other couples, facing health issues, may want to keep their spouse included on a terrific health insurance plan. Still others might decide that the tax benefits of remaining married “in name only.”

Spousal Support / Alimony

The overwhelming majority of all spousal support awards are from the husband to the wife, in the more and more common circumstances where the stay-at-home husband takes care of the children while the wife works, payments from the wife to the husband can be awarded instead.

Child Support

The result of a divorce are two single parents, one of which –typically– will be the primary custodial parent. Child support then becomes a necessity in order to successfully raise a child or children.

Child Custody

The determination of child custody is the most important outcome of any divorce settlement. Child custody is often determined by evaluating which parenting plan is determined to be in the child’s best interest. If the parents cannot agree – a complete stranger –a judge– and the courts will make the child custody choices for you.

Child Visitation

During an Orange County divorce proceeding, visitation agreements are one of the main items that need to be agreed upon for couples who have children. Child Visitation agreements are also utilized in legal separation and paternity actions.

Property Division

California is both a ‘community property’ and ‘equal division’ state, meaning that the community property that makes up the marital estate shall be valued and divided equally between the two spouses as the Property Division that is required for a finalized divorce settlement.

High Net Worth Divorce – Property Division

When the financial stakes are high in your divorce, it is important to employ the skills of an experienced divorce attorney. Attorney Edwin Fahlen represents clients in complex high net worth property division disputes and we do so promptly, discreetly and professionally.

Valuation & Division of Business Assets & Entities

Many divorcing couples must determine what will happen to the business entities owned by one or both spouses. It can me messy, but need not be with the right guidance. Whether you have poured your own sweat and effort into building a successful business or you supported your spouse in his or her endeavor, Edwin Fahlen can help.

Post Judgment Modifications

After a divorce settlement, life changes… jobs change, incomes fluctuate, people move, medical problems and expenses surface –but your court ordered custody, visitation and/or support payments remain legally etched in stone. What can you do?

Move Away – Parental Relocation

Parental relocation is commonly referred to by lawyers and the courts as a “move-away.” Move-aways are among the most bitterly contested family law matters witnessed in family court. In these cases, a parent on either side will need an experienced family law attorney to advocate on their behalf to convince the court that their position regarding the potential move is “in the child’s best interest.”

Prenuptial / Premarital Agreements

Before you enter the contract of marriage, you might also consider the consequences for what happens if one of you breaches that contract resulting in divorce. Given the right circumstances, you might want to consider a prenuptial agreement “in case of divorce,” just as you will have property insurance “in case of fire,” or life insurance “in case of premature death.”

There is a lot to be said for experience. When you are under intense pressure to affordably resolve difficult family law issues you want the most capable legal help you can find. With some 27 years of family law experience fighting for clients, Ed Fahlen has the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish your legal goals. When you consider all that is at stake – custody of your children, fair and just division of property; security and peace of mind for your future – you come to understand that strong, solid legal representation is not only desirable, but a necessity.

father sonIf you are considering divorce in Orange County, California, or the surrounding areas, please contact Ed at (714) 395-5669 to discuss your options and what needs to be done to protect your rights. You may have just started thinking about ending your marriage or you may be struggling in the middle of all the challenges that the California courts demand. Either way, the Law Office of Edwin Fahlen can provide the support and guidance you need for a successful conclusion.

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