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child supportThe result of a divorce are two single parents, one of which –typically– will be the primary custodial parent. Child support then becomes a necessity in order to successfully raise a child or children.

Unfortunately, mistakes are made or the courts fail to decide child support cases as they should. Sometimes, the child support decided by the court is either too little for the care-giving parent or too much for the payer-parent to handle. Is such instances, changes are needed requiring the help of a skilled attorney who can make all the difference.

At the Orange County Law Office of Edwin Fahlen, our goal is to help you reach a balance in your financial expectations in either paying or receiving child support. We will help you through a detailed analysis and then helping you get the changes your need.

Skilled Lawyer Can Make a Real Difference

According to California statute and the manner the courts calculate support payments, no one should be paying more or receiving more than he or she reasonably can. We start from that premise while keeping our client’s needs and rights front and center. In some cases where there are more assets such as a family home, investment properties, investment and retirement accounts, good income streams, and meaningful tax considerations for each spouse, we are able to come up with creative opportunities that most divorcing spouses would never be presented for consideration because many family law attorneys just do not have the experience or knowledge to uncover.
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Other Child Support Services

Not Receiving Court Ordered Child Support Payments

Ed Fahlen can represent you in actions to enforce child support orders when your child’s other parent has accumulated a significant arrearage of unpaid child support payments.

Need to Submit a ‘Request for Modification’ ?

Many child support-paying spouses come to feel, post divorce settlement, that they are paying too much child support because of changes in their life circumstances. If you’ve been through a divorce and you feel you are currently paying too much child support, legal representation will be helpful to determine your chances and properly petition the court to reconsider your changed situation. Contact Ed Fahlen to find out how he can help.

Many child support-receiving spouses come to feel, post divorce settlement, that they are receiving too little child support because of increased earnings or financial windfall of the other parent or for some other significantly measurable or significant factor. Contact Ed Fahlen to find out how he can help.

Received a Notice of ‘Request for Modification’ ?

Ed Fahlen can represent your interests in court if you have received a notice of ‘request for modification’ from your ex’s petition to the court. Similarly, if your own circumstances have changed, we can assist you in seeking a modification so that child support payments more accurately reflect everyone’s circumstances.

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Orange County Divorce Attorney Edwin FahlenI encourage you to reach out to make that free introductory meeting with me by calling (714) 395-5669. There is absolutely no pressure whatsoever. Typically, people will want to sit down with a divorce attorney to discuss their current circumstance and to learn of their options. I am pleased to offer this complementary legal service to residents of Orange County and beyond.

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