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child custodyThe determination of child custody is the most important outcome of any divorce settlement. Child custody is often determined by evaluating which parenting plan is determined to be in the child’s best interest. In the interest in the child and minimum emotional impact on the child/ren, child custody issues should be worked out between the divorcing parents to the greatest extent possible.

If the parents cannot agree – a complete stranger –a judge– and the courts will make the child custody choices for you.

Our Child Custody Experience with Orange County Parents

Thankfully, it is our experience, most divorcing spouses are eventually able to agree on the custody of their child or children before the court appearance where that agreement is reviewed.

On those contentious and contested child custody cases where the parents cannot decide for themselves on the custody of the children, the court will decide for them according to what they believe to be “in the best interest of the child.” These court determinations take into account many factors, which are generally listed in the State of California’s statutory laws.

NOTE from Child Custody Attorney Edwin Fahlen:

“In my 27-year career as a Family Law attorney, I have represented numerous parents in custody and visitation matters. These cases have included parents in a variety of life circumstances and included parents who sought sole custody, as well as those seeking joint custody and shared decision-making. Because of my quarter-century of child custody experience, I have the ability to develop creative custody and visitation solutions.”

“In your child custody case, I promise to work closely with you to understand you, your children and your goals. I will then concentrate on helping you achieve those goals. This will often involve negotiation or mediation to devise a shared parenting solution that is agreeable to both parents and the children. Child custody and visitation arrangements achieved through negotiation tend to keep emotions from hijacking an otherwise manageable divorce proceeding and keep legal costs as low as possible. The court will appreciate the parent’s cooperative attitude making for a smooth settlement.”

My best regards, Edwin Fahlen

Types of Custody

Sole Custody

In a sole custody arrangement one parent receives the right to custody of the child. This parent, usually called the custodial parent, maintains the right to make major decisions about the child. The other parent, usually called the noncustodial parent, has limited rights to custody of the child. This means the right to daytime visits, overnight visits, and vacations together.

Joint Custody

In a joint custody arrangement both parents share equally in making decisions about the child or children. The child may live with both parents or stay with one most of the time, based on agreements of the parents. This usually works out better when both parents are on good talking terms – as least as far as the children are concerned.

Aggressive Representation for Child Custody Matters

child custody mom and kids at airportWhen your child’s safety or emotional health requires legal action, you can be assured that we will aggressively pursue all possible avenues to affect a better, safer, and more stable custody resolution that you desire. If circumstances dictate, I will commence family law litigation to achieve my clients’ goals and protect their children and their rights.

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